Cleveland Orthodontics | White Fixed Braces - 5 Month Update

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So this is a little bit of a different post from me, not fashion or beauty related (well kinda) but a post about teeth. Yep, you heard that correctly!

Ever since my teens I've always been super self conscious about my teeth. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with a straight smile, but instead the opposite - overcrowded, crooked with an overbite! Like any other 13 year old, I had the standard silver 'train track' braces on the NHS whilst at School, and it wasn't so bad as everyone else in my class seemed to have them at the same time! I wore these braces for just over two years, and was incredibly impressed by the results afterwards (I just wish I'd taken photos to show it!). However fast forward a few months, after religiously wearing my removable retainer every night to keep my new smile in place, I somehow managed to accidentally break it. Being so young, I reluctantly didn't go back to the Orthodontist in the case that my Dentist would go crazy with me for breaking the retainer (hahaha). Which looking back now is actually so silly, as the team at Cleveland Orthodontics are so welcoming and friendly! So eventually my upper teeth moved back to exactly how they were pre-braces, if not worse!

I always knew that growing up into adulthood I wanted to invest in braces again, as your smile is the first thing people notice about you! Whether that would be an invisible and removable appliance like Invisalign, or the more traditional route of Fixed Braces - albeit white/clear this time. After numerous consultations at several Orthodontist & Cosmetic Dentistry surgeries, I found that the prices were either extortionate, the consultation was rushed, or I felt pushed into a treatment plan that didn't really fit my needs. Until I had my consultation with Cleveland Orthodontics. Why I didn't immediately think of their surgery despite having braces here in my teens I do not know!

From first walking in, I immediately felt at ease from the familiar surroundings and friendly faces. All of the Staff even down to the Receptionists were so welcoming that I couldn't compliment them enough. After a thorough consultation including X-Rays, before photos, and Dental Impressions - Joyce my Orthodontic Nurse sat me down to discuss the best treatment plan for me. She took the time to go through each of the treatments they offered, all with their pros and cons to establish which would give me the best results for my individual case and concerns. I eventually decided on going ahead with the Gold Plan (White/Fixed Braces on the upper six teeth for discreetness, with silver brackets on the remaining teeth). The Surgery offer a wide range of affordable payment plans, so if like me you're not the best at saving up - you can spread the cost over a set period of time via Direct Debit which is perfect. After signing some documents to say I was happy to go ahead with the treatment, Joyce provided me with a super handy braces & dental hygiene kit which included all of the essentials for helping me through my brace journey from start to finish, along with some helpful tips on keeping the brace appliance clean, and which foods to avoid (Don't be like me and go for a Chinese takeaway, the colouring in the food WILL stain your elastics. She did tell me this but I learned the hard way. Top tip: Always listen to your Orthodontist!)

Before I knew it, I had my appointment with Judith to fit my clear braces (they managed to fit me in super last minute a few days later which was amazing!) the whole process was so quick - less than 45 minutes from start to finish. The procedure was completely painless and I was so glad to be finally on my journey of having straight teeth again. Waking up the next day I was expecting to be in excruciating pain having watched countless videos, and having had both lower and upper braces in the past, I remember how uncomfortable it was in the first few days - but I was surprised to have no pain at all, just a tiny bit of tenderness when eating for the first week. I think this was down to only having the upper brace fitted this time instead of both upper and lower.

It's been five months now since I have had the braces fitted, and it's amazing to see the weekly changes! This time around, I've been keeping a bit of a 'photo diary' to document the journey so I can see just how much they are changing and moving into place. I'll write an update post in the next few weeks with photos once I can get my camera working!

All in all I can't recommend the super helpful Staff and Team at Cleveland Orthodontics enough - especially Sharon and Lisa who managed to answer my one million questions over email before going ahead with the treatment!

You can find out more about the practice, the treatments they offer and a whole range of information on their website here ->
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