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I recently purchased some of the LullaBellz 1 Piece Hair Extensions in the shades 'Honey Blonde' Curly and 'Caramel Blonde' Straight, both are mixed shades - perfect for us girls who have subtle multi-tones in our hair or prefer to add natural looking highlights/lowlights.

As an avid lover and wearer of hair extensions (from the quite young age of 14!) I've tried my fair share of different brands, types and shades. Glue-ins pretty much ruined my natural hair (I remember having to have huge sections of hair cut out as the adhesive would not budge!) and I don't think I could ever commit to a sewn in method due to constantly changing my colour! Clip-in Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for thick, voluminous locks - for adding subtle length and thickness in the daytime, or major volume and glam hair best suited for nights out. I find the LullaBellz clip-in range far superior in quality to any other brands I have tried previously, in both Synthetic and Human Hair ranges. Albeit synthetic, the hair is of a Premium quality ensuring that it remains shine-free and natural looking which is a huge bonus!

My shade varies between Caramel and Honey Blonde, I find that they are the perfect match and blend in beautifully. I usually have quite a bit of trouble finding the perfect shade as my hair is multi-tonal and tends to lighten a little in Summer, but these are spot on! LullaBellz have an extensive range of shades ranging from vibrant blondes, rich auburns, chocolate browns and the sleekest jet black shades - so finding your perfect colour is incredibly easy.

In terms of hair styling, LullaBellz Hair is super versatile for whichever style you are wanting to achieve. Perfect for fishtail plaits, pony's or simply worn down. I personally love wearing mine in a sleek ponytail for those days where I've maybe overslept my alarm and need to style my hair in an instant! Or for nights out, I will tend to double-up and wear two shades together for a subtle highlighted effect (Caramel Blonde and Honey Blonde work really well together) for ultimate luscious long locks. 

The 1 Piece Weft makes it incredibly easy as they can be clipped in in a matter of seconds. The curls are quite prominent when you first take the hair out of the packet, so I like to run a Tangle Teezer through the hair once or twice to style them into softer bouncy curls, however this is personal preference - I've seen girls wear the Curly style without brushing through them first and they still look amazingly thick and so pretty! The Straight style Hair Extensions have a natural flick at the ends of them which remains however short the hair is cut, I love this style as it makes the hair appear even thicker.

Overall, I'm super pleased with the quality of these Hair Extensions and would recommend to anyone. The sheer quality, selection of shades available and incredible thickness make these extensions my top choice in achieving Salon-worthy style hair in minutes.

This post is not sponsored and aforementioned products were purchased with my own money. Any opinions are 100% my own.
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