Cocktails, Chanel and LFW

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So this post is slightly overdue (just a little). The month of September was crazily busy, exhilarating, and a little bit exciting too. For starters I said goodbye to the dreary town of Teesside  - to old friends and family, before making the journey down permanently to The Big Smoke. After arriving and settling into my room on the 17th floor overlooking scenic views of The Shard and a dazzling London skyline - it all seemed to become real. In the space of a month I'd managed to secure a full-time job working for an incredibly vibrant fashion brand, and booked my one way ticket to London. 

The weeks that followed consisted primarily of unpacking and decorating my blank canvas of a room into a plethora of pastel pink, sparkles and mandatory Rose Moët (the three best things in life - fact). Alongside 22nd Birthday Strawberry Daiquiri's, overindulging in drinks at Cafe de Paris, Selfridges splurges, taking in our Roof Terrace views up on 18th, London Fashion Weekend and the awe-inspiring Chanel Mademoiselle Prive and Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibitions to name but afew.

It's safe to say I've well and truly caught the "In love with London" bug, and feel like I've resided here for years - when in retrospeck it's been just under 4 weeks. I'm excited to see what the future brings for my 3 years here and I'll definitely be blogging updates with any new adventures/obligitory cocktail fiasco's.

xo, S
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