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Trailing the internet and social media in the form of sourcing outfit, beauty and lifestyle-related inspiration only ever leads me to two places; Blogs and the ever addicting - Instagram. Here's my two cents on the Blogs that have been taking the upmost of my attention and the ones I've been especially loving lately..

As a huge addict of 'Laguna Beach', 'The Hills' and spin-off 'The City', Lauren Conrad & co. were my ultimate 'look-up-to' hair, beauty and style icons back in the day. I could watch re-runs of any of the above for hours upon end; with each new episode unraveling more drama, makeups and breakups from my favourite California & New York City socialites than the previous. (If it wasn't Audrina confessing her love/hate relationship with Justin Bobby, it was the unforgettable 'Speidi' wedding with the dramatic departure of LC.. I was well and truly addicted).

Fast forward to 2015 and the cast having all gone their separate ways, say Hello to 'The Lo Down' blog; the wondrous brainchild of no other than Laurens BFF - Lo Bosworth. The Lo Down is a one-stop haven for lifestyle, fashion, food and beauty posts from Lo herself, and other fashion-forward alike authors. I'm a huge lover of all things New York, and having relocated there herself, the posts dedicated to finding the best Manicure Salons or cosiest Cafe's in NYC are only making me want to book a one-way flight over there with little intention of ever coming back! Along with the blog, Lo also features a lot of view-worthy content over on her YouTube channel; showcasing chic hairstyle tutorials, season-friendly beauty picks and yummy dessert recipes to name but a few.


FROW at Runway shows, hot on the heels of Paparazzi at her Paris, New York and Milan Fashion Week debuts, and globe-trotting from one prestigious city to another all in the name of fashion - at only 20 years old Kristina Bazan of 'Kayture' leads the fast-paced and incredibly inspiring life the fashion aficionados among us can only dream of.

Just a tiny glimpse at Kristina's social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) portrays an insight into the endless incredible global success and adventures she embarks on every day. The trademark hashtag she most often uses - #kaytureonthego is very apt. and the perfect way to describe Bazan's non-stop lifestyle. With effortless 'city girl' style and her signature winged-liner that even a make up perfectionist would be envious of, 'Kayture' is a definite favourite and daily go-to for lifestyle, travel and fashion musings.

xo, S
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